ISF SFP (PTY) LTD Safety Policy

General Statement of Attend

ISF SFP (PTY) LTD Believe Health and Safety of its employees is essential in order for a business to be successful. ISF SFP (PTY) LTD aim to reduce the risk to employees, customers and members of the public, through regular safety audits and trough site specific risk assessments. ISF SFP (PTY) LTD believes that good Health and Safety procedures go hand in hand with productivity and quality standards.

From a legal side ISF SFP (PTY) LTD is committed to ensuring that the company complies with Health and Safety legislation where is reasonably practical. To ensure this legislation is adhered to the company will strive to go beyond the normal requirements of the Health and Safety policies.

The company’s general intentions are to:-

Consult with employees on matters effecting their health and safety.
Supply safe plant and equipment fit for purpose.
Give adequate training, information and supervision fro all employees on handling and safe use of substances.
Give training so employees are competent in the tasks they are required to carry out while in the work place.
Provide a safe and healthy working environment.
Prevent accidents and work related illnesses.
Organisation for Health and Safety

The day to day responsibility for ensuring Health and Safety regulations are adhered to are that of company Managers and Supervisors.

Employees Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the employee to communicate with Directors, Managers and Supervisors on Health and Safety matters within the work place.

Employees have a responsibility to:-

Report any faulty plant or equipment to their Manager or Supervisor
Take responsibility for themselves and others while at work
Report all accidents and Health and Safety matters to Managers or Supervisors.
Risk Assessments

In accordance with the management of Health and Safety at work Regulation 1999, the company will carry out risk assessments for all activities/tasks carried out by it’s employees.

The risk assessments will identify key areas including:-

The hazards involved while completing the task.
The person/s at risk of the hazard e.g. Young People, Pregnant women
The evaluation of the level of risk based on the outcome V’s likelihood of the hazard occurring.
Evaluate ways and actions that can be taken to minimise the risk.
The risk assessments will be carried out, reviewed and revised by a fully competent person and kept in a paper format.


Training and inductions to all staff will be conducted to employees prior to any work commencing for the company.

The inductions will be the responsibility of Managers and Supervisors.