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Hygood Cylinders


This is a non-flammable gas, that does not damage electronic products and when used correctly it is safe for people to breathe in. This means it can be used in enclosed spaces, making it ideal for data centres and server rooms. FM200 works by coming into contact with heat from a fire and preventing the chemical reaction that allows the fire to continue to burn. It dissipates and leaves behind no residue which allows for all electronics to continue to operate as normal.

Novec 1230

This gas has a global warning potential of less than one, while other gas suppression products have a global warming potential of over 3000. This makes Novec 1230 one of the greenest gases to use which has the highest margin of safety for human occupancy. Novec 1230 can extinguish a fire in mere seconds, before most water-based systems may begin to discharge. Using this gas can protect paper-based documents and electronics because it leaves behind no residue and is electrically non-conductive. This gas is also appropriate for class A, B and C fire hazards.


This is a non-synthetic agent made of naturally occurring gases: nitrogen, carbon dioxide and argon. Inergen poses no threat to human life and electronic equipment. Once this gas is discharged into the room, the mixture of natural gases is introduced into the air while still allowing a person to breathe in a reduced oxygen environment. Inergen leaves behind no residue which protects property and electronic equipment.


This is an inert gas, comprising of 50% argon and 50% nitrogen. It is suitable for protecting fire hazards when there may be people in the area at the time of a fire. it enables safe evacuation because it allows for a safe level of oxygen to remain in the area where gas has been discharged and allows for good visibility for the evacuation of employees. It is appropriate for class A, B and C fire hazards.


CO2 are highly effective at suppressing fires, it reduces the oxygen level in a room to suppress a fire. However, because it reduces the oxygen level in a total flood of CO2 into the room , this gas is not safe to have in rooms where people occupy the space. CO2 suppression is suitable in non-occupied environments such as electrical rooms, flammable liquid storage rooms, generator rooms and around large industrial machines. There are life safety devices attached to the system that warns people around the area that CO2 will be discharged from the system.